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iPhone XS repair services in Houston

If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone XS screen, or LCD display, CellFix is there to help! We’ll fix your iPhone XS in-house at our fast and affordable Houston repair store location. You’ll get same day repair service with no appointment necessary. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through all the costs associated with the repair of your broken iPhone. Once you’ve chosen your repair option we can have your phone fixed and back to you within an hour!

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable iPhone XS screen repair and replacement service, look no further than Cellfix, which is the leading provider of quality screen repairs and replacements in the greater Houston area.

CellFix is your #1 source for iPhone XS Charging Port repair services. We have a dedicated team of certified technicians that specialize in the repair, replacement and testing of broken and cracked charging ports off of all Apple iPhones. Our technicians provide both the same day appointment service and same day overnight service, so you can receive your charger back as soon as possible. CellFix offers professional repair and replacement services for iPhone XS Charging Ports at affordable prices!

When your iPhone XS microphone stops working correctly, it can be frustrating. Sometimes the problem is minor and you can fix it yourself with a minor adjustment to the microphone assembly or a replacement of the microphone flex cable. CellFix offers both of these options.

At CellFix, we take pride in being able to offer iPhone XS Water Damage Repair. We have seen an increase in customers bringing in their phones with water damage over the past few weeks. Our state of the art technology allows us to clean, repair and restore iPhones to their original functions.

The battery in your iPhone XS contains chemical components that can outgas, decreasing performance and causing the battery to run down faster than normal. This service replaces the battery with a new one and potentially extends the life of your iPhone.

No matter how careful you are, odds are you will drop your iPhone eventually. The new glass back and curved edges on iPhone XS crack under pressure; however, at CellFix, we can easily and safely fix the damage.

Our technicians have experience with many iPhone models. The iPhone XS front camera repair includes the replacement of the front facing camera flex cable. The process is completed by removing the display assembly in order to access the connector and replace the front facing camera flex cable.

Here at Cellfix we are focused on offering our customers the best service and highest possible quality for their iPhone XS camera back replacement in Houston. Our technicians have been fixing iPhones for over 10 years and our top priority is to offer a great value for money service whilst always maintaining professional quality and customer satisfaction.

Broken iPhone XS back glass replacement in Houston can be costly, however, at CellFix we believe in offering our customers the highest quality service at a more affordable price. If you want a top-quality service from a company that has a proven track record for delivering great customer satisfaction and professional quality we are the company for you.

iPhone XS customers in Houston can take advantage of all of CellFix‘s diagnostic services. Our team of Houston iPhone XS repair technicians can diagnose any iPhone XS issues that you are experiencing before we begin to repair your device. They will then provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of repairing your iPhone XS.

A motherboard repair is one of the most complex procedures that can be performed on an iPhone XS and it is highly recommended that only professional iPhone XS repair technicians perform this operation. CellFix technicians in Houston have successfully completed a number of motherboard repairs on iPhone XS devices and are happy to offer our customers this service.

If the iPhone XS has been dropped into water, the internal components could be damaged. This can lead to a failed logic board or other internal component. If this happens, you may lose your data. CellFix technicians in Houston are available to help you recover your data and start your iPhone XS on the road to recovery.

The buttons on the iPhone XS can become unresponsive or stop working after a drop or other impact. This can cause you to have difficulty navigating through your iPhone XS, or it can even make the device unusable. CellFix technicians in Houston are able to repair damaged buttons on your iPhone XS, restoring them to their normal functionality.

Experienced iPhone XS Technicians

CellFix in Houston, TX is the best place for your iPhone XS repairs. We use high quality replacement screens/LCD to ensure that your device will be back up and going as good as new! The most common repair we offer here at CellFix are shattered glass screen replacements- you can get yours fixed with just a few minutes’ worth of work on our end!

Frequently Ask Questions

We’ve compiled a small list of our most frequently asked questions for iPhone XS Repairs. If you have any more questions please contact us.

Independent repair shops are by far the quickest and most affordable way to get your iPhone XS repaired. While you can take your device to the Apple store, they may charge a premium for a very similar service.

Independent repair shops often offer free diagnostics, and many of them will only charge you if they actually perform the repair.

Google! Searching for iPhone XS repair near me is a great way to find a nearby shop that is convenient and affordable. Always do your homework before you go into any repair shop to see what other customers have had to say about them.

This is a tough one. Many people are of the mindset that it’s better to just buy a new phone after dropping it, or getting it wet, etc. However, there are a lot of benefits to having your phone repaired instead of just buying a new one. For one, you’ll save a lot of money. Also, many people feel that having a repaired device feels better than something new. Less waste!

At CellFix, we only take about 15 minutes to repair your broken iPhone XS Screen. Our expert technicians are available daily, walk-ins are welcome!

Compatible with iPhone XS. Model: A2097, A1920, A2100, A2098

*Glass only repairs require a fully functional original LCD. If your LCD is damaged or it is an aftermarket screen we will need to replace the entire assembly.

iPhone XS Repair Quote

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